Year: 1998

Mother India

Fifty years of chaos and confusions She has witnessed and now silently mourns As a mother forgives her children She has done that; they are still insane   Ere half a century, she was in chain She was silent and cried in pain Her children fought and freed her then She asks now: Where disappeared all of them?   Where are they who loved her? Who sacrificed their lives for her; Why no doubt, today there is none Whom you can ask to die for her!   – Saswat Pattanayak, Peoples’ Poet   


You denounce them as corrupt They excoriate you for being communal You deplore all their activities They fulminate against your prescripts   Look, all ye men of politics I dare flak all your policies That talk volumes of promises Aimed at deceiving the masses   Least concerned am I to you for being corrupt Uninterested in communalism, I am no less a patriot Mark my words – I am no Hindu nor Muslim am I Never pondered over such topics, a simple human am I   Corruption or Communalism does not bother me You are the ones who forced me to see These aspects of yours, these dirty games you play Alas! Still you project yourselves as gods with feet of clay!   You keel-haul each other over my problems Without knowing them well, all your programs fail Give me food to eat, place to live and clothes to wear They are all my problems, with me – can you share?   – Saswat Pattanayak, Peoples’ Poet