Year: 2003

Bombs are made in Earth

So, so you think you can tell? That bombs are made in hell? Think again my friend. They are all god-send. The most fervent believers in religions have made the most anti-human weapons. Conservatives of the world have firmly placed faith on need to go nuclear. What happens if the haves of the bombs declare war on the have-nots? The question won’t be any longer, who is right in that war, but who would be left to answer. The faith system that it wont happen to us, has to go. The war against armaments has to begin. It takes Pavlovian conditioning to tame us into forgetting the history. Before its too late, it has to be never.

The Missing Employees

Psychiatric disabilities are steadily growing and costing companies in lost productivity and employee absenteeism.According to American Psychological Association, for example, at Bank One–now J.P. Morgan Chase–employees’ mental health issues from 2000–2002 accounted for the second leading cause of short-term disability and were second in total of days absent from work–behind only pregnancy. One is left only to wonder, if the concern is for absent employees or the sick employees. If its the sick, are they sick because of the workplace pressures themselves?

Peoples’ Poet

I call myself a Peoples Poet. Representing the peoples. Our aspirations and despairs. Which are mine, too. Our anguish and anger. Again shared. Our loves and sorrows. It’s all here in my poems. The words are mine. But the feelings are shared. I owe it to all of us and all those who cant understand this language. Because the feelings are shared, anyway. I write because I have to write. I give back what the world has given me. I share with you what I have experienced being myself. Because I am our product. Of our world. Hence the words are mine, but the work is ours. It’s a collective product. Use without searching for copyrights. I am not copyrighted. There is no privacy law. No secret code to the feelings. No passwords to hide. No exclusivity in feelings. We are not sailing in different boats.