Month: August 2003

Adorno’s Popular culture

One leaves oneself at home when one goes to the theatre, one renounces the right to one’s own tongue and choice. . . . There one is common people, audience, herd, female, pharisee, voting cattle, democrat, neighbor, fellow man . . . even the most personal conscience is vanquished by the leveling magic of the great number. . . . (Nietzsche) An Interesting read it was. On Theodor Adorno & HEAVY METAL. For the starters, Adorno was the distinct champion of the Critical school of Frankfurt and author of texts which are understood only with a decent dictionary alongside.

Idi Amin and his friends of the World

Good riddance to bad rubbish…Well almost. I don’t think we had a good riddance of this character at all. The notorious former Ugandan dictator, Idi Amin, has died in exile in Saudi Arabia today. And who saved him from being killed or lapidated (stoning one to death)? For someone who wiped out 400,000 people like a fascists, the media portrayed him as a buffoon and a cannibal! Additional news came about how Soviet Union was the sole member in the UN security council to reject a motion to declare Uganda of committing human rights violation. And alongside, US and Britain even went ahead and denounced Amin and closed their embassies. Well, between easy and difficult, the West chose the easy and cut-off all relations. As if the people in Uganda were the worse humans to deal with! As if it were all the faults of Ugandanians. So the solution was to oppose UN and impose sanctions and cut off business. So that the people suffer. Suffer for doing what? For resenting against Amin of course! …

Power cut hits NY

What happens when one does not think of the future predicaments owing to human limitations? North east America had its own bit. Here, in Maryland, things were fine. But elsewhere in New York and Ottawa, there was massive power failures causing chaos. Naturally enough the media say that it is thought to be the worst power cut in US history, affecting more than 50 million people. Worse is it is rumored, the American experts have contacted their counterparts in India to seek solution since power cuts are a daily occurrence in Indian lives and they seemingly know a way to manage. Sure!

When Indians do better than India

A pretty ill-written commentary by Swaminathan Aiyar meets with a well-written critique…Just discovered on my cyber journey.Click here– Indians do better under white rule “The fact is that Indians succeed at home too. India is full of success stories. But you don’t get to hear of them living abroad. There’s nothing odd about an Indian being a success in India. Almost every successful person in India, is well, Indian. Indians have built industrial empires, software businesses, a thriving entertainment industry…and not just that. Smaller success stories abound too……… Now, it is true that Indians do well in countries ruled by whites – the US and UK, are good examples. But Indians also do well in countries ruled by non-whites as well – Indians are significant players in the economies of many African countries such as Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. They also do well in a range of countries such as the Gulf states, Singapore, Fiji and Malaysia.”