Month: September 2003

Journalists investigated

The FBI is citing a provision of the Patriot Act to send letters to journalists telling them to secretly prepare to turn over their notes, e-mails and sources to the bureau! Mark Rasch who is a former head of the Justice Department’s computer crime unit, and now serves as Senior Vice President and Chief Security Counsel at Solutionary Inc, has an article in Security Focus. Here.

Criminal minds

The Human Resource Development Minister of India, Murli Manohar Joshi, met the Prime Minister, Atal Bihari Vajpayee to discuss with him his resignation from the Council of Ministers. Kind of funny because he actually resigned on September 19. the power hunger still has kept the right wing politician awaiting chargesheet on October 10 (for inciting communal violence). In the misdeeds, folks don’t have conviction. But what if the misdeeds are all the deeds they commit? Shame!

News Pool for a huge toss

Press Trust of India reports today that Italy’s national grid operator, GRTN, might switch off electricity supplies to a limited number of household consumers “It will not happen today, maybe (it will happen) tomorrow.” Ridiculous. Considering two things: one, the newsworthyness of such a trivia, which has not happened and if it will, it will affect few consumers, and no one knows if it will even happen. Two, PTI was established to generate news for the Third World for the consumption of the members of the Non Aligned News Pool. This was necessary because there was too much trivia news by Reuters, AP, AFP. I wonder how will short power cut for day in Italy affect Indians who suffer power cuts daily. Maybe to take solace that if the Churches can suffer, so can we?

Mass protests Blighty pets

To protest against the continuing presence of British and U.S. forces in a sovereign country, thousands of anti-war protesters from across Britain walked through Central London to demand an end to the ‘occupation’ of Iraq. Tony Blair replicas had distorted names of ‘B.Liar’. Old British working class humor has not had a demise yet. Thanks to B.Liar!