Month: May 2004

This is what we paid for

An article by George Monbiot in the Guardian ‘This Is What We Paid For’, which one can read here This Is What We Paid For Britain’s foreign aid has been used to bankroll a programme for mass starvation By George Monbiot. Published in the Guardian 18th May 2004 Tony Blair has lost the election. It’s true he wasn’t standing, but we won’t split hairs. His policies have just been put to the test by an electorate blessed with a viable opposition, and crushed. In throwing him out of their lives, the voters of the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh may have destroyed the world’s most dangerous economic experiment. Chandrababu Naidu, the state’s chief minister, was the West’s favourite Indian. Tony Blair and Bill Clinton both visited him in Hyderabad, the state capital. Time magazine named him South Asian of the Year; the governor of Illinois created a Naidu Day in his honour, and the British government and the World Bank flooded his state with money. They loved him because he did what he was told. …

Gender Gap and the price tag

A new study on managerial pay involving more than 2,000 managers from more than 500 organizations finds that not only do women managers earn approximately nine percent less than male managers, but that pay of both men and women managers is also related to the gender and age of those they work with. Mere interesting or sheer alarming? On May 1, its important as well. Click here to read the rest.

Happy May Day!

The Eight Hour Song. We want to feel the sunshine; we want to smell the flowers; We’re sure that God has willed it, and we mean to have eight hours. We’re summoning our forces from shipyard, shop and mill: Eight hours for work, eight hours for rest, eight hours for what we will.