Month: October 2004

Business of Blogs

How do I feel about the business of blogs, now that I am into it? Famously described as the free forum for virtual communities, blogs have been of late developing the vibrant industry traits of attracting revenues. Despite being acclaimed as an outcry against big media monopoly and providing for scopes of a participatory democracy where the aim is ideally to live life online with fellow members of the community without having to worry about the rents and the lease, some vastly inhibited changes in the economics of blogs have prompted this research. To read the entire article, click here.

On Religious Discourse I

My post to the Oriya group: My friends, And to all, especially involved in the religious discourses (and the lack of it), Just as everyone else, I have an opinion to air. So here it is: I read Chinmaya’s mail and feel this had more validity than any other mail on the subject of religion. He drew from a personal narrative to share what relevance did religion still hold for him and did generalize it to some extent. I appreciate the fact that he debated the contents of texts (“If you do believe in the first place that you are germinated from super soul *PARAMATMA*, it must have its own outlook in directing you.”) and put up a contemporary challenge (“Can you, the advocates of religion, give a guarantee that, you are born with efficacious grace, and other are destined to eternal damnation ?”) only after sharing with us what had happened to him in terms of beliefs in god and godmen. We need not be intolerant towards opposing views. Especially when they attack the …

Blogging Gets Better

Albeit differences, what Kant, Fichte, Hegel, Schopenhauer and Mill were indulged in had to do with a component of ‘understanding’. However, said Marx, the problem of the age was that philosophers only interpreted the world whereas the issue, was to change it. Nietzsche and Kierkegaard or Du Bois followed closely with the ‘change’ component too.What we need now, is changes, with understanding. My first dissertation committee meets today. I am going to discuss blogs! In a way, it’s also a comeback of my own official blog. I shall, with time, post the archives soon.