Month: June 2006

Nepal: Ode to Revolution

People of Nepal have finally “gained victory” Although why the Crown relented appears a mystery After weeks of active resistance; in face of military excesses Took 14 deaths for the King to grant freedom to his subjects   Just when I thought, a specter was almost haunting Nepal A specter of hope, and struggle to erase writings off the wall The Monarchy has now heeded to its Big Brothers in crime And the world media are already replacing remnants of grime   For the comrades: before the battle is won, the war has been lost! Powers have hijacked the purpose of resistance at every si For I believe, freedom is ours to possess; not for the Royals to offer Even as they recreate their myths, and even as we continue to suffer…!   – Saswat Pattanayak, Peoples’ Poet 

Capitalism’s Standards of Success

Once you hear the details of victory, it is hard to distinguish it from a defeat.–Jean-Paul Sartre I apologize for the delay in posting this entry, but I guess I had to wait till the mainstream media no more confused readers with the “hot topic” any longer. I had to wait until after they would have well done away with the headlines and sensations and the matter were allowed to be relegated to backburner. And I realize now is such a time when suddenly the matter of “Reservation” is not being brought about any longer. Its no more being contextualized, as yet again a socio-economic defeat on part of the lower class struggle of India. However, I will begin with the comment of a long standing reader of this blog. In my last post, Friend Sanjay has kindly posted a comment worth introspecting over. I will do it here. While thanking him for his continuous critical appraisals for posts here, let it be stated that despite staunch opposition to some of his views, I have …