Month: August 2006

Radical Child (Translated)

Neither you will be a Hindu nor a Muslim will you be A gift of this new era, a radical human being you will be   A bundle of joy you are, sans a given name Disconnected from religions, that’s your gain   Religious texts have only divided humanity My child! So far they couldn’t attack your sanity   Hence the clarion call for the revolution, will you be A gift of this new era, a radical human being you will be   Mother Nature warmly nurtured us as human beings Alas! we forced our children into Hindus and Muslims   One small world was all that we were bestowed Bigots among us created India and Iran instead   Destroyer of barriers, of this unjust world order, will you be A gift of this new era, a radical human being you will be   Religions preach hate—they are not designed for you And they practice hostilities—not even an option for you   No good is this Quran since it excludes the Hindu temples You disown …

Happy Victory Day!

My father calls this, not the Independence day, but the Victory Day. For, on August 14-15, 1947, peoples of the brave revolutionary land of India finally won the long war against British Imperialism. The war, spanning more than 200 years was fought with occasional non-violent demonstrations of millions of people, and more importantly, was fought with organized revolutionary peasants and workers movements which finally forced the Empire to concede defeat. It was perhaps the largest victory of the landless peoples over the landlords and invaders in the history of world. In doing so, peoples from the Indian subcontinent regions demonstrated that they would not concede a wee bit either to accommodate the foreign imperialists nor allow any rule by the homegrown royal families. The “purna swaraj” declaration by the radical left freedom fighters, although facing strong opposition from religious chauvinists who were in cohort with British colonialists, finally forced the expulsion of the rulers and silenced the communal politicians. However, religions as addictively dangerous they are by nature, spread the poison of hatred incited by …


No more reasons to call mayhem Not one more life in our name Not another death to uphold your religion No more such violent catch 22 situation Not to secure your mother’s dormant statues Nor to pay back for your father’s power abuse No more thought controls by government bureaucrats Not once more will we believe in your tactics of attacks No time to agitate, its time to step down from power No press conferences, no indomitable statues or tower In such times, politicians of the world must unite You have everything to lose, including your might For once, walk with the people, feel their agonies Set examples of selves, write accords for peace Stop the blame-games with Pakistan and Muslims Or against one’s poor, the backward, and their miseries Now is the time to act, to promise just one thing: Stop playing communal, ‘tis just one life for rejoicing.   – Saswat Pattanayak, Peoples’ Poet