Month: December 2007

2008: Lest We Forget

A cruel time this was, the year of 2007 An unholy mix of hell and heaven America target Somalia in January No respite for Darfur in February Ides of March sanctions Iran Civilians In April, 200 killed by US-Iraqi militants Lebanese die in dozens during May clashes Come June, Israeli prez free of rape charges India enslaved in US nuclear umbrella in July August on, more power to American wire spy Germany joins so-called terror war in September Blackwater guilty of civilian murders in October Suicide bombing in November’s Afghanistan December marks post-Bhutto rioting in Pakistan Where’s heaven, my friend, if you are curious to find –In the name of God, we maimed the human kind   – Saswat Pattanayak, Peoples’ Poet

Iran: The US Myths Perpetuate

By Saswat Pattanayak The recent news that the American government reports regarding Iran’s nuclear activities were motivated and based on systematic lies is no news. Back in September 2006, the UN had condemned the US reports as false, erroneous and misleading. Vilmos Cserveny, a director of International Atomic Energy Agency had written a letter addressed to Chairman, US House of Representatives, in clear terms saying that the US report “Recognizing Iran as a Strategic Threat: An Intelligence Challenge for the United States” (dated 23rd Aug 2006) contained “erroneous, misleading and unsubstantiated information”. The UN’s responses to US report as blatantly motivated were subsequently ignored by the corporate media at that point. The biggest news monopolies chose not to highlight this factor even as they went on raising apprehensions of Iran as the threat to world security. And the people of the western “democracies” naturally went ahead to parrot their oppressive ruling class stances. During the war against Afghan people, they had not raised voice because most of their media told them it was just and …

Lebanon Kills

It kills our conscience every single day, as we carry on with our mundane plans to further petty bourgeois career paths as usual.   Lebanon kills our ability to reason with truth, as we carry on with our CNN and BBC and New York Times. Lebanon kills our faith in human good, as we rationalize that it is human nature to sustain warfare. Lebanon kills our trusts in our own potential to rise up, look into our comfortable shining mirrors on the walls, and discover how unabashedly wretched we must look if we smile to ourselves today.   Lebanon kills all that is beautiful, all that is innocent, all that is glorious, all that is humane, all that is kind, all that is generous, all that we mean by understanding for social good.   Yes, Lebanon kills, when it bleeds.   Lebanon kills our sense of empathy when children of Beirut are massacred in name of democracy. Lebanon kills our feelings of cooperation when we indifferently watch hapless humans murdered in name of freedom. Lebanon …