Month: August 2008

Beijing Olympics: A Humanist Success despite Tibetan Terrorism and Western Imperialism

By Saswat Pattanayak The opening ceremony of Beijing Olympics can easily be counted among the greatest of collective acts in human history. Despite years of reactionary movements led by religious and sectarian groups to sabotage the Games, the Chinese peoples stood firmly with each other in solidarity and thwarted every such attempt. For every step of success that the nation exhibited in celebrating togetherness of the representatives from all countries congregated with sporty spirits at one place, one time, and to quote the official slogan as ‘One World, One Dream’, there were scores of impediments along the way. Let’s visit some of the most dastardly instances that were aimed at undermining the great Chinese peoples, some of which are still underway: Free Tibet Movement: For a starter, Olympic Games are not a Chinese handiwork. Olympics are global celebration of sports. Logically, there should have been no connection of Free Tibet movement with Beijing Olympics. However, even after giving allowance for the necessity to politicize every event, the Free Tibet movement lacks credibility, honesty and necessary …


Apologist for collective indifference Bereft of long term amnesic stance Capitulated dissidence   Decades of glaring carcasses Emphasize countless tragedies Frantically reassess the losses   Grim prospects for peaceniks Hectored loftily by regimes Invidious despair from mavericks   Joyous wait for impending peace Kingdom of utopian bliss Ludicrous beliefs never cease   Misread pages of war histories Normalize causes of thy miseries Oppressive narrations of human follies   Peace comes not by bombing lands Quest for justice needs friendly hands Revolutionaries above mere firebrands   Solidarity in these times of wars Towards lasting peace and raising bars Unionize to defeat the militarist czars   Victory to boundless internationalists Workers of the world who unite to fight Xenophobes, reactionary nationalists   Yardsticks of progress are years of peace Zenith of harmony shall be rare to miss   – Saswat Pattanayak, Peoples’ Poet