Month: August 2012

Reflections for 15th August…

By Saswat Pattanayak We started off with an exalted note, a thundering applause, and an optimistic tryst with destiny. Despite obnoxious Churchill laughing away sardonically. We installed the most erudite of scholars at the highest echelons of power. Even as that could not deprive us of our web of superstitious ignorance. We strived to help Indira’s India turn duplicitously socialist carving out a veritably stimulating mixed economy. That did not prevent us from cementing the biggest feudal setup in modern times. Now a full circle; we are a capitalistic mega success, a military super power in the making, an economic giant, and foremost of all, a proud nation zealously loved, fervently guarded and sacredly held in esteem. And our lofty, unwavering proclamations of nationalism have decisively helped us masquerade our sickening class society as a vibrant and robust democracy. It is imperative not to discount the significance of political democracy, or the labeling of it. After all, electoral voting is deeply crucial in sustaining a system that can be controlled by those exuding self-perpetuating power …

To the One

To the One – full of life – then now and forever To the One – ever forgiving – and always the giver To the One – spring of love – source of boundless joys  To the One – guiding torch – in my meaningful voyage   To the One – keeper of truth – unflinching dedication To the One – selfless seeker – humbly serving nation To the One – the conscience – exemplifying values To the One – guardian angel – your blessing accrues   To the One – beloved Father – in you my life resides Wishing you now – and as every moment comes alive   – Saswat Pattanayak, Peoples’ Poet  


Let’s confuse character with color Freedom with multiparty elections Socially just education with degrees  Class society triumphs with progress Religious upbringing with well being Social networking with activisms Facebook, Twitter with revolutions Tax evasions with desirable charities Charities with poverty eliminations   Let’s confuse TV channels with news  Security Council with peaceniks Gaddafi and Castro with terrorists Capitalism with prosperity, progress Occupy activists with social parasites Polanski, DSK, Paterno with virtues Feminist demands with hooliganism Oscar, Pulitzer, Nobel with greatness Queen of England with hardworking Highness American plutocracy with vibrant democracy And working class with abject helplessness!   – Saswat Pattanayak, Peoples’ Poet