Month: September 2012

I Will Wait

For the time of victory Of the good over the evil   Good being the invisible Downtrodden, oppressed Outcasts, racial minorities The Dalits, the tortured  Women and children The students with loans The teachers without jobs The atheists everywhere    Good being the physically  Emotionally, financially Challenged, the slow learners The unemployed poets,  The crazy philosophers, The ones who never were  Featured on television nor Paid respect anywhere    Good being the one who never Was called an intellectual Or a scientist, a statesman Nor a grand prize winner Coveted with glory or fame Featured on magazines And never knew negotiating  Executing, decision-making   I will wait    For the time of victory Of the hitherto vanquished   I will wait    – Saswat Pattanayak, Peoples’ Poet

Michelle Obama and American Status Quo Action Plan

Michelle Obama’s convention speech has been both applauded and criticized for being too emotional. Those amazed at her love towards her husband have shed a tear or two, while the detractors are disappointed at her personal narrative lacking statistical substance. A critical inquiry would reveal that her speech was anything but emotive. It was a carefully orchestrated rehash of an old American fixation with individual merits, family values and competitive prosperity. Her speech was a blueprint for humanizing capitalism. It was a justification for the status quo politics that has uniformly strengthened a populist cry for American hegemony; decade after decade, regime after regime. Michelle Obama’s speech has merely colored the template acceptable. Michelle Obama’s Reaganesque slant has been systematically downplayed precisely because Democrats are still hanging on to the portraits of FDR as their last success story, while Republicans do not wish for their anticommunist legend to be confused with the so-called socialist rival they are pitted against. Michelle Obama’s narration of her (and the president’s) upbringing was not a condemnation of a racist …