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My thoughts, my words, everything that I believe in my life, are not entirely original, definitely not entirely mine. Indeed, they are derived from, and hence belong to the entire world, past, present and its future. There is nothing so personal in my life that is not shaped by the political worldviews I have subscribed to or refuted. Hence, this blog is CopyLeft, not copyrighted. Feel free to distribute contents to fellow travelers for education, agitation, and organization towards an alternative world.

Saswat Pattanayak

Saswat Pattanayak (Photo: Chhavi Rajawat)

In the current world order, we are living in a hostile climate moderated by a bunch of capitalist bigwigs. The tools of oppressions that the imperialists have used thus far include market economy, sexism, racism, police states, defense forces, national boundaries, and various forms of discriminations on basis of age, sex, ability, sexual orientation, and gender identities.

Corporate monopolists have been using their vast resources of mental productions, otherwise known as mainstream media, to violently and implicitly attempt at imprisoning many progressive collective endeavors. Using the media, they have been reinforcing vile stereotypes, religious conservatisms and xenophobic tendencies among people who fall to their calls, willingly and unwillingly. Capitalism’s consequences have been slavery, discriminations, prison systems, religious fundamentalisms, economic class societies, widespread poverty, exploitations against the landless, women and children, and unjust wars against the innocent people.

Saswat.com, is not just against Capitalism, but it also stands for something greater.

It stands to celebrate and cheer for the progressive radicals everywhere. To cherish and look forward. To organize and help unionize. The blog recognizes the efforts by progressive peoples all over the world: those that are members of the left parties, and those who are not card-bearers, those who are critical social scientists, and those who are deprived even of basic education, those who work for alternative causes at the highest levels and those who work at grassroots in small but significant ways to carry on the dream forward.

Thank you for stopping by. Let’s unite.

– Saswat Pattanayak is a radical journalist, blogger, communist, poet, photographer, atheist, third-wave feminist, black power comrade, LGBTQIA ally, and an academic non-elite. Based in New York City, he hails from Tigiria, Orissa, India.


Photography and Journalism Tidbits – 


I treasure the precious moments I have captured of Amiri Baraka, Pete Seeger, Sonia Sanchez, Angela Davis, Noam Chomsky, and Billie Jean King, among many other radical comrades of our era.

Some of my pictures have appeared in Elle Magazine (France), Be Magazine (France), Hatier (France), Daily Mail (UK), Sueddeutsche Zeitung (Germany), Grazia Magazine (Italy), Women’s Day Magazine (New Zealand), The Telegraph (UK), The Sun (UK),  Macleans (Canada), The Globe and Mail (Canada), L A Times, Huffington Post, NY Daily News, New York Magazine, and New York Post.
Some works have been featured on ABC News, Dr Phil Show, The Kilborn File, CBS, and NBC. As a journalist back in India, I have worked as a staff writer for Economic Times, The Asian Age and Hindustan Times. My articles have also appeared in Mainstream Weekly, Vox Union, Black Agenda Report, and New American Media. I am a senior columnist for Kindle Magazine and often contribute to Counter Currents.

As a blogger, I edit the Women’s Rights NY blog, Critical School and Radical Notes.

Photography Portfolios –

Fashion: FashionStills.com
NYC: NYCPhotoProject.com
Politics: RadicalCamera.com

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