Saswat Blog FAQs

What is Saswat Blog?

Saswat Blog is a regularly updated forum of online activism since 2003. In the current world order, we are living in a hostile climate moderated by a bunch of capitalist bigwigs. The tools of oppression that the imperialists have used thus far include market economy, sexism, racism, police states, defense forces, national boundaries, and various other forms of discriminations on basis of age, sex, ability, sexual orientation, and gender identities.

These corporate monopolists have been using their vast resources of mental productions, otherwise known as mainstream media, to implicitly and often seductively attempt at imprisoning many progressive collective endeavors to defeat their reactionary moves. Using the media, they have been reinforcing vile stereotypes, religious conservatisms and xenophobic tendencies among people who fall to their calls, willingly and unwillingly. Capitalism’s consequences have been slavery, discriminations, prison systems, religious fundamentalisms, economic class societies, widespread poverty, exploitation against landless, women and children, and unjust wars against the innocent people.

The Saswat Blog, is not just against Capitalism, but it also stands for something greater.

It stands to celebrate and cheer for the progressives everywhere. To cherish and look forward. To organize and unionize. The blog recognizes the efforts by progressive peoples all over the world: those that are members of the left parties, and those who are not card-bearers, those who are critical social scientists, and those who are deprived of even basic education, those who work for alternative causes at the highest levels and those who work at grassroots in small but significant ways to carry on the dream forward.

Personal is Political: My thoughts, my words, everything that I believe in my life, are not entirely original, definitely not entirely mine. Indeed, they are derived from, and hence belongs to the entire world, past, present and its future. There is nothing so personal in my life that is not shaped by the political worldviews I have subscribed to or refuted. Hence, this blog is CopyLeft, not copyrighted. Feel free to distribute contents to fellow travelers for education, agitation, and organization towards an alternative world.

Why are Comments Moderated?

I am always delighted that more readers are visiting the blog everyday. That a small personal effort is actually drawing unique and heterogeneous readership from all over the world, is very humbling an experience for me. However unfortunately, of late this blog is also attracting attention of many right wing, religious fanatics. And I am receiving very offensive comments everyday from some people who think certain religions are superior to certain others. I do not mind being called names, as many have preferred to express their frustrations, but I certainly do not think this blog is any place for verbal abuses. Moreover, many commenters clearly violate the basic philosophy behind this blog.

And hence, much against my wish, since July 2006 I have decided to moderate each comment and approve strictly only those comments that accept this blog’s comment policies. The purpose behind this moderation is two fold: It creates a Safe Place for browsers from all over the world, since it does not propagate hate and does not allow expressions of racism, sexism and hostile reactionary discussions. Two, the blog invites readers who believe in the progress of the world through critical theories and revolutionary means. However, if you are not inclined to support movements taking place world over to combat capitalism, then you are welcome to visit this blog at your will, but your adherance to the guidelines below is required, not just desired.

Saswat Blog Comment Policies:

1. Limited freedom of expression: When the blogger posts anything, it is a matter of exercising right. When the commenters post anything, it is a matter of enjoying privilege. Hence never assume that we are on the same boat, or all of us enjoy the freedom of expression as a right all the time.

2. No abuses: I have a few very loyal readers who visit the blog on a daily basis only to post abuses. This is utterly childish, and serves no purpose. Such comments will never be published and it’s a sheer waste of time on your part, if abusive language is all you have in your comment. I urge such commenters to improve their command over the language and be more imaginative in expressing their viewpoints.

3. Read the posts: Please read the posts very carefully before commenting. I always attempt at contextualizing every issue I write about. So the answer you are seeking maybe already present within the entry.

4. Values and mission: This is a progressive, not a reactionary blog. It means, I am not here to incite the right-wingers to react to my posts. I am not here to shock the conservatives or create any sensations. Before posting comments, please know that my purpose is not to anger you, frustrate you, or cause you to react. So, if you feel so, please leave the blog immediately, than wasting your time writing hate-comments that will never be published.

5. Communism is an international workers’ movement: This is very important for all the readers to remember. Do not be surprised, shocked or disappointed with the word. I am not a member of any communist party in the world, because I am not a party worker. I am a media scholar at this point in life. Please know that there is nothing wrong with Communist Party, and it’s just another political party like any national, regional or local ones. As for Communism, it could mean a political theory, social science, economic analysis or a radical philosophy. Here, again, no surprises. And this blog is entirely sympathetic towards causes of labor, and hence I am not here to entertain any comments that speak derogatorily about communism.

6. No basic questions: I am not here to educate you about what is communism. Or about who was Marx. However if you want to know more about some subject such as communism, feminism or critical theories, please ask politely and I will try my best to answer.

7. No insults, stereotypes and assumptions: Comments must not assume about the oppressed. No comments such as “lower caste people are incapable of becoming doctors” or “Muslims are terrorists” will ever be tolerated. I am not going to accept any contextually negative remarks against women, working class people, lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgendered people, tribals, indigenous peoples, religious minorities, people of color, old people, people with disabilities, pregnant women or single mothers. I understand people have their own prejudices and its difficult to suppress them, but please do not find this blog as a platform for your pent-up emotions.

8. This is my place: My blog is my small home online. Please feel free to stop by, have a glass of jal-jeera, even something to eat. Have fun. Talk to me if you find something is wrong and help me gain more by enlightening me with something new. But please behave like you are my guest. Because you are.

9. Been there, done that: if you differ with me, that’s fine. But do not try to impress me by your reactions. Please know that for two decades of my life, I studied mainstream school subjects, college subjects, university subjects. I read the same text books as you probably did, and watched the same news channels as you did. But all along, I have been lucky to have my most wise parents, my supportive friends and family. And with their help, very fortunate to have stumbled upon wide variety of alternative books and movies, and activists that
have helped me since childhood to deconstruct every mainstream work I have digested. Hence, do not try to convert me into anything. I am already converted! And since my purpose of life is pretty much clear, I am on my path to develop the road I have taken. I am sure you are clear about where you want to go. If our paths are the same, I am delighted to become your comrade. If not, my good wishes.

10. I am serious. So be you: I do not write because I have to while away time, or earn some money. I write not because I feel like writing or I love to write. I write only because I need to write. I write only because it’s a necessity for me. I am damn serious about why I write what I write. I expect when you post a comment, you are equally serious.

Thank you for reading so far. Welcome to every post of Saswat Blog, past and present, and do engage in a conversation if you have some time.

Laal Salaam!

Saswat Pattanayak