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For you, My love

Some say my love, there’s a time for love  An occasion to assert, and to proclaim For me, my love, there’s none to resolve Nothing to validate, or rename   Friendship distinct, values progressive Your trust not for selfish pursuits World I question, in you I believe Absorbed in you, my life renews   Opposed you are to unjust strictures Unyielding your principled stands Averse to imperialism, oppressions You endorse free people and lands        My friend forever, my teacher you are You inspire me in times good and rough Lending me strength, whether near or far Unflinching courage, determination tough    For some my love, we picture perfect  For me love grows, an evolving frame Some may say, we reposeful, content For you my love, may I not be in vain…   – Saswat Pattanayak, Peoples’ Poet


My very first love, my very first friend No words can define, or transcend You reside in me, each thought or act My strength, essence, my truest fact   No matter how I say, or fail to express  My source of meaning, you are my sense Every knowledge I crave, my liberated mind Noblest gift to me, your love for humankind   You dwell in my life, in each moment of mine Precious is your presence, forever shall shine Your love, like the greatest oceans, open sky Breathing in it, sheltered, how blessed am I….   – Saswat Pattanayak, Peoples’ Poet

Taj Mahal (Translated)

For you, Taj Mahal is no less a splendor of love Amidst the eldritch, obsessed are you with its trove   My beloved! Discover for me yet another place where we can meet!   Grandeur of royal palace is deliberately contrasted For the commoners; it’s a sordid message so crafted We mortals have no permit to tread the paths so strewn With baits to allure us into that maze, to dream to its tune!   Before being inveigled into the royal sparks, my beloved! You should have descried the mammoth trickery and fraud! You could have felt the roars of your insignificant abode!   Countless peoples in our world have showered love in abundance Who can claim their heartfelt love ever lacked sincere affections But they lacked the means of advertisement, of crude exhibitions After all, they were like you and I: submitted by birth to cruel situations   This monument, this mausoleum, this unmitigated embankment These are apparition of regal wealth and unmerited enchantment For the records of the wretched, these disdainfully antique afflictions …


What will I give thee, you are the gift to me How much to adore thee, you mean the love for me When each moment spent are the times cherished To wish you well, which day be chosen by me?   The night’s a façade, the day conceals And my gladness, the stars too miss My feelings how can they know Those greetings on sale and marketed gifts   Who I pray and worship for you? Where do I seek your well being? What do I add to bedeck your day When what I have is you as blessing?   No poem can ever suffice to note Or a painter’s brush can ever coat The shine of my eye, the pride in my heart Words too feeble, and colors delicate   Have loved you to know you And known to have loved you If life has some things to crave for Its to live my life beside you   Never in want will you be, for you are the spring Of all happiness unbound that …

Love Unconditional

Your love is not for me to ask It is for you to give In return My body is not for you to ask It is for me to give   I have given away my heart My feelings they called love And all I could ever muster Was courage to fall Centred round my self As its wont, I could never rise in love   All I remember is the passion The commitments our bodies made The moments of undeniable truths   And now it’s all so eerie Does love have a logical ending?   The heart withers away, the mind is out of sight What of my body? The scars and the bites and the touches Whose prerogative to forget?   I once made a compromise with my heart Now the body refuses to withstand The onslaughts and the insults The amnesiac touches The lips that are lying   If you must, acknowledge not the love If you have to, stay away But answer one last time Why did you have to fiddle …