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Looking for Jesus and Finding them

Physically disabled GN Saibaba, the revolutionary from Delhi University who is suffering the brunt of a fascist Indian state for holding radical views, is Jesus. The Puerto Rican nationalist Oscar Lopez Rivera suffering from a sentence of 70 years in an American prison, charged with “seditious conspiracy”, is Jesus. Black Panther and political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal who remains the undying conscience of a world crying for freedom, is Jesus.

False Accusers

Three of us are posing an eternal threat To ninety seven of you believers Our reasonable questions unsettle your fate While your hands are soiled with bloods.   You seem disturbed by our immorality While your prophets, popes and seers Continue in the name of immortality Rape culture of glorified gory scriptures.   Our short skirts and no bras disturb your tranquility While you gloat over subjugating women in your fiefdoms Our demanding rights for the victims of your atrocity Provoke you to uphold your carefully protected sexist laws.   While you continue to claim the Queer do not exist  You keep on beheading, stoning them to deaths In your discriminating worldview so heterosexist Even your chief charlatans, your seers remain all males.   All you wise folks that disallow being questioned Dismissive of our child-like curiosities Are you our teachers and parents thus inclined To teach us tales of twisted credibilities?   Scripted tales of selective valor, courage, and heroism  In your books, virtues of forgiveness, vices of hatred  Only per your convenience, the …

Hindu Terrorism :: Scriptures & Roots

In officially denying institutionalized racism, Republic of India has been glorifying its source: Hinduism. Heralding the philosophy as a peaceful way of life and a non-violent religion, the Hindus have largely repudiated charges of casteism, misogyny, and terrorism. Each instance of terror and injustice perpetrated by the Hindus upon oppressed minorities are eagerly dismissed as handiworks of tiny fundamentalist elements within the religion. Handful of opportunistic regional parties and disgraced cultural outfits proudly don the mantle as the revivalists, while the majority of Hindus cautiously tread away from being labeled. Religious fanatics are everywhere, and in extremely small numbers. In the current world order of great religious intolerances, what must bother us more is the comfortable stoicism protecting majority of religious followers who thrive on their superstitions, uncritical silence, and eschewal of deep-seated biases. This majority Hindus, who unequivocally, and at times famously, perorate against the historic apartheid, racism and colonialism across the planet, remain obnoxiously phlegmatic about their own continued violence against the oppressed minorities. Shamelessly enough, our officials and scholars have refused to …